Thank you so much for Your Love Walk with our Creator and your obedient heart to pass on your wisdom and knowledge that only comes from the absolute surrender of self to the Spirit. Colin you ARE making Eternal Significance for The Kingdom and those who wish to do the same. I am passionately hooked on learning to pray better, listening to God better and passing this on to those God chooses to put in my path. Please put me on your list of events and training sessions you will be at in the Woodlands & surrounding areas. My wife also would love to participate. Be the Light!
Cappin Sammy <><
P.S. After your session ended I prayed with 10 men before we started our next session (45 min. or so) and was holding my dinner in my hands praying with a man when they took the dinner tables away. I prayed with 3 or 4 men this morning at church. I Love This!!!


  • God has powerfully grown me this past month as I have read Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grubb. It is a must read.
  • Global Media Outreach will hold a simulcast Online Missionary Celebration on Saturday June 2nd in which I will share a one-hour overview or The PRAY NOW Lifestyle.


Hand Cuffs Image
On Wednesday nights our youth group gathers together for a time of worship, teaching, and fellowship. Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach on freedom out of Galatians 5:1, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free,” and I used a set of handcuffs as my illustration, locking them on a volunteer.

I shared how we search for security in things of this world and how Satan uses these things to put chains on us. Before knowing Christ we have no power to remove these chains or to know true freedom. Only once a person has come to trust Christ as their Lord and Savior can they allow Him to remove their chains. The problem with this is that, as sinners, we often believe that the chains that have been put on are providing our sense of security, so we continue to walk in sin and continue to search for freedom without realizing the fullness of Christ’s work on the cross. Christ has come to set us free! He comes to us and removes the chains and allows us to walk in freedom with Him in a restored relationship with God! This is why it is called GOOD NEWS!!

After I finished teaching, three high school guys walked in that had just finished up baseball practice. I knew two of them and I had never met the third one before. One of the guys had recently received Christ at a weekend retreat we had and the other one that I knew has been coming to our church for a long time but has never really chosen to live for Christ. I pulled all three of them aside to just chat with them and they begin sharing about some struggles with alcohol and partying. I then had the joy of sharing the message with them and it just so happened that I had three sets of handcuffs. I am in a room with the three of them and place each of them in a set of handcuffs and begin to tell them that this is a representation of their life. I began to share the gospel with them as I unlocked their cuffs and told them that Christ has come to set them free! The one guy that I did not know began saying how he had never heard this story before and wanted to trust Christ so that he might have freedom. He prayed to receive Christ right there as the other two guys rededicated their lives to Christ and chose to accept the freedom that Christ has brought. The past couple of weeks have been really neat to watch, as God is becoming a reality in the lives of these three guys as they continue to grow in Christ and learn how to walk in the freedom that He has given. BE BOLD AND JOIN THE PRAYER AND SHARE JESUS ADVENTURE!


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