I’m in my 5:30am Spinning Bike Class and we are settled into a steady uphill pace. I look around the room at about 40 cyclists, music playing and find myself talking to the Father in between thoughts of my own.

“Lord, thank You for John, Ken, Coach Robin, Jenny, Michelle, Doc…Wow, I wonder how many of their names I know…Oh my goodness Lord! How many of these people know Your name as Lord and Savior? Father God will You draw every heart in this room toward You. Those that know You Lord, draw them closer and those that don’t…Wow I know that I have prayed with Jenny for her husband and children and she prays for Nicholas…but Lord! Is Jenny really saved? Please give me an opportunity to talk to Jenny about salvation, Lord. Please show me how to pray for each person in this Spinning Class pour out Your Spirit of grace and intercession over everyone of them Lord…cycling harder and going into a 30 second sprint…Oh Lord save them Lord, save them Lord, draw every one to You Lord!”

It’s only about 2 minutes and I know what eternal difference is being made because I prayed.

cycling class

Yes, I have prayed for my spinning class before the L-10-T training, however it was more just a generic “Lord bless these people.” type of prayer, now, you can see I am beginning to sense and pray according to what God’s heart might be for these people. It is exciting and God raises the level of expectancy in my heart about what He is doing as I pray!

Call To Pray


So precious Saint, will you intention your heart to engage with God through prayer in the very process of doing life?

When you text, email or call someone, take 15 seconds to pause and PRAY NOW for that person.

“THANK YOU LORD!” This is a new way to pray for me, I’ve often texted my Darling but until this moment I’ve not intentionally prayed for her as I texted her:

“Dear Lord, what does my Darling need prayer for this morning?” I paused, LISTENED then prayed: “Thank You Lord for giving my Darling a new friend in Barbara, at her swimming exercise yesterday, bless them to be a blessing to each other in Jesus name I pray, amen.”




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