The Lord told me to share the same “Wedding Banquet” story from Randy Alcorn’s book on “Heaven” that I read at Mum’s “Homecoming Celebration” which gives a crystal clear picture of the need to respond to the salvation invitation Jesus gives us. On “The Salvation Seat”, above Bob Snr. confessed his sin and the messed up mind that had kept him from believing and gloriously surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, Chkk-Chirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

John 15:5 Ber much fruit.


On June 11th 2011 just after 6pm, in the cooling shade of large oaks on The Palmer Golf Course I spoke these words: “Casey, young man, you may kiss your precious bride.” As their lips touched, two sets of 12 white doves took to flight on either side of us and the Presence of the Lord was full!

Then, Elaina, Casey and Kristi’s beautiful 6-year old little flower girl stepped up toward me in our pre-planned surprise to the newly married couple.

I whispered the closing prayer blessing into Eliana’s ear one phrase at a time and she prayed in a bold little voice over the wedding party! God used her voice and face to melt every heart in attendance. God’s Word hovered over us from the clear message of salvation that Casey and Kristi had asked me to share as my marriage message.

SECOND MARRIAGE IS SALVATION: An hour later in the midst of the joy filled reception God did the extraordinary. Elaina was running past our table and I called her name and beckoned her to come to me. I thanked her for the wonderful way God had used her heart melting prayer. I asked, “Eliana, you know that your prayer and my message were about inviting Jesus into your heart, right?” “Yes” she responded. “Does Jesus live in your heart Eliana?” “No, not yet.” she answered.” Would you like to invite Jesus to come into your heart and life?” “Yes please!” she responded.

Over the next couple of minutes, just as God had given clarity of mind to Bob at 82 He gave understanding to Elaina as she confessed her sinfulness and prayed with me to surrender her life to the Lord inviting Jesus to come into her heart forever. Oh what a glory filled the room as again and again the name of Christ was lifted up in the speeches and toasts that followed.

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Special wedding photo.

I had received a call from Kristi 9 months previously asking me to consider preparing she and Casey for marriage and officiating at the ceremony. The DJ who I had prayed for at a previous wedding had referred me to Kristi.


  • Walk through the ordinary routine of life expectant of the extraordinary intervention of our God.

As my Sweetie and I attended Kristi and Casey’s rehearsal dinner on Friday night Larry, Kristi’s brother and hilarious MC for the night asked Eliana if she would like to say a word to the bride and groom. WOW! It was amazing as this 6-year old little girl took the mike and gave this incredible speech of love and congratulations. It was early on Saturday morning while praying about the details of my message that the Lord did a “SUDDENLY” and put the idea in my head of Elaina doing the final prayer blessing.

  • Ask God to open “Pray Now” opportunities, remembering that when we work we work but when we PRAY GOD WORKS!

  • Take time daily to Abide alone with Jesus.

  • Choose to walk in the joy of Jesus!


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