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Leonard Ravenhill said: “Few are called to preach but ALL are called to pray!”

Let us PRAY NOW: “Lord, please help me to pause and be still right now. Would You speak to me Lord, as I read IGNITE, about a greater occupancy in the place of prayer in my life?

  • My alone time with You
  • My prayer time with and for my family
  • Asking others: “If there was one thing I could pray for you personally, right now, what would it be?”
  • Or even if You might be calling me to intercede for and or go to Israel?

Open the eyes of my heart, to hear and obey what I hear You say, in Jesus name I pray amen.”

I sense the Lord urging me to write IGNITE about my recent trip to Israel but want to encourage you that even though Israel may not be an area God is speaking to you about I believe He totally wants to draw you closer to Him in prayer and can use these stories to do so!

God Taps His Conductor’s Baton while on The Sea of Galilee

The Lord used Jamie and Donna Winship to unite in Israel an eclectic group of 42 anointed servants of God from 3 nations and 7 states. On our 6th day together God engaged our hearts as one with Him on a Sea of Galilee sunset boat ride. During our tour and project days with The Jewish Agency for Israel, tributaries of The Holy Spirit sprung forth in new friendships as we shared stories, testimonies and in prayer together. Then suddenly on the boat, as one Pastor from among us began

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

to share the Word of God about the disciples on The Sea of Galilee, it was as if we were translated 2000 years back and literally the storm winds began to blow, lightening lit up the darkening horizon and we were mesmerized by the “Tapping of The Conductor’s Baton!”

Sunset Before The Storm on
Sea of Galilee

As one body, we began to worship on the water with the word and The Light of The World shone forth among us! They were eternal holy moments shared amongst us as we were caught up by the wind of The Holy Spirit knowing that Jesus Himself had walked on these very waters.
Hearing The Voice of God
There are three voices we can hear:

  1. Our own voice or thoughts
  2. The enemy’s voice
  3. God’s voice

Depending upon where our level of intimacy with God is, our own voice can line up with God’s if we are walking closely with Jesus but just as easily our thoughts or inner voice can align with the enemy if we are falling short in our communion with God. The enemy hates it when we pray because the very activity of talking to God puts the enemy to flight! James 4:7.

Another way of discerning whether a thought or idea is from God is to ask: Does it line up with The Word of God?

An English leader in the 24/7-prayer movement described it like this. If you are in a discussion or in prayer and an idea comes up it can sound like a “Good Idea”. Then several days later in a totally different set of circumstances someone else raises the same “Good Idea”. When this happens the third time one might begin to say this could well be not only a “Good Idea” but, a “GOD IDEA!”

So As You Read This Story Could It Be A “ GOD IDEA” To Grow Your Prayer Life?

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