When we with God seek the welfare of our cities, we will not be satisfied with the pleasures of our culture but will rest only in the treasure of Christ Himself. So how do you live your life FOR your city or community?

You live life simply one intentional decision at a time, bringing God’s presence and His light through your own life as you allow Him to live through you. Let’s PRAY NOW out of Zechariah 9:13-14.

“Lord God in heaven, would You bend my life as Your bow, will You fill this bow with Ephraim, YES, fruitfulness Lord.

Make me Your Warrior’s Sword to stir up Your sons and daughters to intentionally live the prayer, care and share Jesus lifestyle as servants of You, our most high God, in Jesus name I pray, amen.”


Wendy and Rebecca Espinoza, entered our Kindergarten Sunday School class three weeks ago and Rebecca declares joyfully: “Brother Colin, I want to get baptized!” I drop to my knee and hug this precious adorable little girl and daughter to my long time dear friends Isaac and Wendy. I’d had the privileged joy to pray over Rebecca within hours after her birth 5 ½ years ago. My heart is leaping with expectancy because I KNOW how Rebecca has been raised, being saturated in the joy of God’s Word and prayer.

So, on my knees at eye level I ask Rebecca: “Precious girl, why do you want to be baptized?” “Because I asked Jesus to come into my heart.” I was amazed at her comprehension of the Gospel and then said: “So has Jesus saved you from your sin? “Yes” Thinking this next question will certainly stump her, I carefully ask her explaining the questions several different ways but basically say: “Rebecca, can you earn your salvation, can you work for it?” “No, Brother Colin, it is a free gift!” Oh my goodness, I’m now totally blown away and look at Wendy and see the joy and love of God radiantly glowing all over her countenance and sensing this is the picture of the heart of both Rebecca’s earthly and heavenly Father being manifested in the tangible presence of our God!

God was so faithful, as we have been sharing for about 4 minutes now and not another child has shown up!

Listening to God’s heart I sense that we need to ask if Rebecca would pray with us to confess her heart to the Lord again. She speaks to Jesus likes this:

“Dear Jesus, I give You my life, will You come in my heart, help me live for You!” Wendy and I then helped her pray a little more and then we all prayed in Jesus name amen. Then Rebecca says radiantly, expectantly and joyfully: “Now can I get baptized?”

At that moment a new little girl comes in, God’s perfect timing, and I have Rebecca share what she has just done! We shared the gospel message with her, then in walks young Wyatt Dorcas and we have another awesome salvation and baptism talk! It was certainly an ACTS 29 morning in class that day!!

Do your children or grandchildren know the gospel message like precious Rebecca? Precious Ones be intentional and diligent to teach the gospel to your family so well that they are leading their friends to Jesus just like Rebecca was doing in class. Thank you Isaac and Wendy for leading your daughter to Christ at home! Let us all go and do likewise and send me your testimonies.

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