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Possibly you have lost hope for the answer to a long held prayer.


Maybe the prayer is in your distant memory, just like this cross in this picture is outside the reality of what is right in front of you. Just be still and let The Holy Spirit bring to remembrance His desire to answer your prayer: Let us PRAY NOW! “Lord, I thank You for reminding me of this long held, yet unanswered prayer, forgive me for losing hope of You answering this prayer. As I read these testimonies to answered prayer will You refresh my belief in the promise of Your Word in Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”


A Pregnant woman knows she is going to have a baby! I love using this as a picture of what it is to have “Expectant Faith” and this is what the Lord gave me in a number of situations on my recent Madrid and Wales mission trip. I want to share just one story that was so exhilarating I nearly flew home on the wings of The Holy Spirit I was so fired up, not needing a plane!

Before leaving Houston with the WoodsEdge Elders Team led by my dear friend Pastor Jeff Wells, God had given me expectancy for salvation on this trip.

Colin Millar - Pray Now!

I got to share my testimony and the gospel of the Kingdom a number of times but had not seen salvation come! It was my last day, the 11th hour literally heading to Heathrow airport in my Avis rental car. I turned in my free upgraded Passat Station wagon. (An answer to Debi Tengler’s prayer) and waited to jump on the bus to my terminal. I’m at one of the world’s busiest airports mid morning on a Friday and I am the ONLY ONE on an Avis bus, one of the busiest rental car companies. “How great is our God!” Was this a God set up or what? I have greeted the bus driver and am kneeling on the floor next to him at the front of quite a big bus and within minutes I expectantly ask my favorite question: “Sir, if there was one thing I could pray for you, personally, what would it be?” In his heavy Yorkshire accent he says: “Oh my goodness no-one has ever asked if they could pray for me before!” I discovered his Muslim family was from Persia (Iran) but he was born in the UK. Now Muslims pray a lot and I have never had a Muslim refuse prayer. Shourak was no exception although his first request was just “Health”, with a few gentle encouraging questions about family he said: “Well if I am very honest we do have a bit of a family situation”, which he then explained and I briefly prayed into that explicit request. As often happens when You ask God to engage in someone’s life Shourak opened his heart and said how good he felt now we had prayed and began to express that he had wanted to start studying about other religions.


Hello, hello hello, here God has given me a perfect opportunity to proclaim the gospel of The Kingdom. God honored our space and somehow Shourak parked the bus in an out of the way place at my terminal and we had another 10 minutes together in which I clearly shared the message of Jesus & salvation by grace not works. I explained the differences between a relationship with God through Jesus and the works mentality of Islam. The Holy Spirit brought understanding to his heart as I demonstrated how he might pray acknowledging and repenting from his sin and surrendering his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. God still further protected our space and sensing a readiness asked Shourak if he would like to pray with me to give his life to Jesus! He willingly agreed and he prayed following my lead and came gloriously, joyfully and wholeheartedly into the Kingdom of salvation! “Thank You Jesus!”

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